Keeping Motivated While Focusing on Improving Your SEO

Charleston SEOThe online marketing world is fast paced and exciting, and within it there is a lot of money making potential. So much potential in fact, that like every other way of making money it attracts people wanting to make money quickly and easily.

While a few hard working souls seem to make loads of money over night, the majority of people working to make money online have to work at it consistently over time in order to see any progress. This is true of all endeavors, not just online business or even general business. Sometimes people find themselves getting discouraged when they don’t see immediate results or results they feel are commensurate with their efforts. Here is how I stay motivated when working on my online business SEO.

1. Focus on day to day or weekly tasks rather than the final goal. Yes keeping the end in mind is helpful, but if the rewards are going to be a long time coming it is sometimes best to focus on smaller SEO successes or steps. It truly is the smaller steps either repeated over time or building upon one another that will bring success. Knowing and celebrating that I am accomplishing these things each day allows me to see progress and progress is the biggest motivator of all.

2. Keep a list of all of the reasons I want my business to succeed, both financial and non financial. Paying off all my debt or saving for retirement can only motivate me so far, but knowing that I am also growing in self confidence or adding marketable skills to my resume can are also benefits to my business that I would be foolish to ignore.

3. Keep score. How much traffic do each of my sites get each day? Is it more than last week? Where do I rank in the search engines compared to my most tough competitor? Has my position moved up or down? How many people have signed up for my newsletter? I know that each of these things will directly impact the bottom line of my business, so I watch these SEO metrics and use them to set small goals.

4. Feed your soul each day with something beautiful. If my only focus was on money and financial or SEO business success I don’t think I would be very happy with myself as a human being. My business exists to serve my life not define it. Taking time to read a beautiful poem, view the mountains outside my window or play with my granddaughter remind me of all that life has to offer.

When it comes to SEO, it might feel like a boring game at the start, but residual income will make it worth while in the end. For more advanced info like this visit Charleston SEO and check out