First Time Homeowners Tips for Maintaining Your Myrtle Beach Heating & Cooling System

Buying a home is going to be perhaps the most costly expenditure of your life. Perhaps the most costly repair in the home is when the heating and cooling system fails. Many times these failures could have been prevented with some simple maintenance throughout the year. The following first time homeowner tips for maintaining the heating and cooling system should help you get the most of the unit for many years to come from the leader in air conditioner repair Myrtle Beach.

AC Repairs Myrtle BeachMake certain all the air vents in every room of the home are open. Just because you are not using a room, don’t close those vents thinking you are conserving energy. What you are doing is interrupting the flow of air, so the air handle tries to work harder and longer to move the air down the line. This wears the moving parts faster and could result in system failure sooner.

Purchase a portable temperature gauge and check the inside air is exactly what is reading on the thermostat. Even a few degrees difference could run you hundreds in wasted utility costs this year.

Check that the air handle outside has not obstructions interrupting the free flow of the fan. If shrubbery or debris is blocking the movement of the fan, turn off the unit power and clear away any obstructions. Twigs, trash, and leaves, slow down the flow of air and fan, making the system run harder to compensate. This means the system runs longer, and you lessen the overall life of the whole system.

One of the easiest things you can do each month is check the air filter(s) in your air handler. Regardless how many filters are in the handler or vents throughout the house, check them monthly, clean them, then replace them. If they can not be cleaned, install a new one. You should be checking the filters at least once each month, and installing new ones no later than once every three months.

Make a call to a local HVAC repair company and schedule a semi-annual inspection. This will get a trained eye inside your home twice a year, checking for any trouble and maintaining your system. These experts can spot small issues now while they are minor repairs, and keep the system running efficiently as the seasons come and go during the year.

Now you know the first time homeowner tips for maintaining the heating and cooling system. Mark a few on the calendar so every change of season your system is running in peak state. For more info visit them at: