Winston Salem Attorney on the Reasons You Must Call a Local DUI Attorney Today

DUI Attorney Winston SalemOnce you have been arrest for DUI, the clock is ticking until your day in court will arrive. Never assume that you could defend yourself, this is not traffic court and the penalties are far more severe. If you make the mistake of not getting legal representation, you are going to be facing a financial hardship that will follow you around for many years to come. has given us just a few reasons it is imperative that you call a local DUI attorney Winston Salem NC today.

There is just no possible way that you could be able to understand all the legalities of your case in a few weeks. Your DUI attorney has extensive training in this field and will be able to start building a case that puts you in the best position to win.

Your DUI attorney has access to many expert witnesses who are going to be called to court to help solidify your case. If there is any issue with equipment, your attorney will bring in an expert who can testify as to why the results of that equipment must be dismissed. If anything is dismissed from the case, it makes it that much easier to get the desired result.

One reason you need the professional DUI lawyer in your corner is they can get access to the police video of the night of your arrest and carefully analyze it. When there is a question about your rights and how a test was administered, the video could be the key to getting your case either tossed or the charges significantly lessened.

When your attorney has tried everything to get a favorable result and the court still finds they need to fine you and suspend your license, this is when the services of your attorney are invaluable. Your DUI attorney will negotiate and plea deal on your behalf with the court. If you need your license for work, perhaps a special arrangement could be made. If this was your first offense, your DUI attorney could negotiate to reckless driving and you will have to pay less fines and still get to retain your driver’s license.

There you have it, more than enough reasons to convince you that you must reach out for professional legal help as soon as you are able to avoid having to face what could be severe fines and a loss of license that could drive you to financial ruin.